Positive Impact of Online Games

Positive Impact of Online Games

Positive Impact of Online Games

Make People Smart
Research at Manchester University and Central Lanchashire University has shown that gamers who play 18 hours per week have as good hand-eye coordination as athletes.

Positive Impact of Online Games
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Increase Concentration
Dr. Jo Bryce Head of research at a university in the UK found that true gamers have a high concentration power that allows them to be able to complete several tasks.

Increase Eye Sharpness
Research at Rochester University revealed that children who play action games regulerly have faster eye acuity than those who don’t play games.

Improve English Language Skills
Research in Indonesia proves that men who are proficient in English at school or university without courses are those who play games.

Help Socialize
Several professors at Loyola University, Chicago have conducted research and according to them online games can foster social interaction that defies the stereotype of isolated gamers. Positive Impact of Online Games

Improve Brain Performnce and Help Brain Absorb Stories
Playing games that are not excessive can improve brain performnce and even have a less saturated capacity than studying and reading books.

Increase Typing Speed
Most online games require players to tipe while communicating with the other individu, so this will indirectly kerabatarize players with typing.

Overcoming stress
Researchers at Indiana University explain that playing games can relax gugup tension.

Restore Bodi Condition
Dr. Mark Griffiths psychologist from Nottingham Trent University researched the extent of the benefits of games in physical terapi.

The negative impact of the games will be felt if the player cannot kontrol himself. Research results from the University of Hanover School of Medicine, Germany say online games can lead to multiple personalities. A woman who often plays online games every day for 3 months by playing several different characters, it turns out that the imaginary character took over her personality. So that the woman loses kontrol of her personality and social life.